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We are currently working on our site.

Yes,  we do have kittens available.  Please email us about then.

I think for that you to be here you are interested in knowing more about Sphynx Cats.  That is something I love to talk about!

We have  some incredible Sphynx cats and I love to share about them.   This breed is a breed that I consider a gift to the Cat Lovers worldwide!

If you are wanting to have a cat that is a real companion that interacts with you then the Sphynx cat might just be the cat for you.  We can not imagine not having Sphynx sharing our life with us.  They came into our hearts years ago and we have been sharing our passion for these cats ever since.  Located in the Wild West……….lol,  it has stretched the imaginations of some locals because they will pay large amounts of money for a cow dog but a naked cat???  That makes some look at you side ways.

Non the less,  you can run but you can not hide from this lovable cats.  Ours are kids tested and Golden Doodle approved.








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